Brandalyn's Story

Brandalyn Shropshire took the social media scene by storm at beginning of the COVID19 pandemic . She never guessed putting on a bonnet and robe and turning on her camera would garner the “Prayer of a Desperate Mother”. The hilarious video has been viewed over 18 million times.  The future is shining for Brandalyn and to think it started with just spark! Find more about my journey below.

A Bshrop’s Tale…

  • 1982Born in Warner Robins, GA
  • 1988Discovered my love for performing
  • 1988Graduated from Nashville School of the Arts High in Nashville Tennessee
  • 2005Won a Miss Annie for Best supporting actress at the Chattanooga Theatre Center
  • 2007Married Daniel Shropshire
  • 2008Graduated from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
  • 2008Won a Miss Annie for Best featured actress at Chattanooga Theatre Center
  • 2009Wrote, directed, produced and starred in first dinner theatre “Tiny Jenkins Funeral”
  • 2009Began working at UTC Undergraduate Admissions Office
  • 2010Became a mother to Sydney
  • 2016Wrote, produced, directed, and starred in second dinner theatre- “Wellington & Jenkins Wedding”
  • 2016Produced my first one woman show “Wont He Do It”
  • 2018Wrote, Directed, produced, starred in first stage play- “Bright Star Assisted Living”
  • 2020A desperate mother’s prayer video goes viral to 18M+ viewers
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